Thanks for visiting Literature and History, a podcast covering Anglophone literature from ancient times to the present! Each episode covers an influential work of world literature, featuring summaries of the texts, historical analysis of the cultures that produced them, and some original music and goofiness thrown in to keep you entertained. Take Literature and History with you on your drive, jog, or whatever it is you do when listening to podcasts. We hope you'll smile, learn a bit, and share our appreciation of how unbelievably awesome literature is. Click "All Episodes" above to browse and download shows on your computer, or subscribe using the links to the right. Below are videos from some of the show's comedy songs.

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Awesome Podcasts

History podcasting is a pretty new thing. Although audiobooks have been around for quite a while, their organization, syntactic structure, dependence on footnotes and the like don't always translate particularly engaging content - especially if you're walking the dog or cleaning out the garage. Then history podcasting showed up. And luckily for all of us, some incredible people got in the game very early and began producing great content. These are just a few of them - ones that I happened to come across while commuting and jogging and stuff, who in turn inspired me.