Episode 27 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 27: The Bloody King. See what you can recall about the House of Atreus and Aeschylus’ play Agamemnon by clicking “START” below!

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Agamemnon’s cousin becomes romantically involved with his wife while Agamemnon is away at the Trojan War. What is this cousin’s name?

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Athenians, watching Agamemnon in 458 BCE, would most likely have drawn parallels between the titular character and:

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The Trojan princess who returns with Agamemnon from Troy, who is cursed to voice prophecies that no one believes.

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Agamemnon’s father Atreus:

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In August of 490, when Aeschylus was about 35, he fought at the battle of:

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The play Agamemnon begins with:

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Agamemnon’s great grandfather Tantalus:

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At the bidding of Themistocles, in the 480s, Athenians used their newfound glut of silver in order to:

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In the Trojan War, Agamemnon was:

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One of the main reasons Clytemnestra is angry at her husband is:

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