Episode 35 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 35: The Great Thundercrap. See what you remember about Aristophanes’ satire of Athenian philosophy by clicking “START” below!

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Strepsiades first learns of Socrates’ brilliance from one of Socrates’ students. This student tells Strepsiades that Socrates has been working on:

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Throughout The Clouds, Aristophanes depicts Socrates as nothing other than:

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Aristophanes’ The Clouds ends with:

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Socrates tells Strepsiades that lightning is the result of:

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Why does Strepsiades enroll himself in Socrates’ school and begin philosophical training there?

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The initial staging of Aristophanes’ The Clouds:

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Strepsiades, the main character in Aristophanes’ The Clouds, is:

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During the pivotal scene in The Clouds when the personifications of Right and Wrong debate, Right is:

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What has Strepsiades’ son Pheidippides inherited from his (Pheidippides’) mother?

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What did Plato think of Aristophanes and The Clouds?

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