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Welcome to the quiz for Episode 86: An Introduction to Late Antiquity. See what you remember about the major migratory and military events of Late Antiquity by clicking START below!

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The Vandals crossed the Strait of Gibraltar to invade North Africa in:

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The Huns seem to have undertaken a major westward migration toward eastern and central Europe during which decade?

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This barbarian-Roman military leader was responsible for deposing the final western Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus in 476, after which he ruled the Italian Peninsula as his own principality for a time.

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The Year of the Six Emperors – the one that began Rome’s Crisis of the Third Century, was:

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The Thervingi and Greuthungi, two bands of northern barbarians, crossed south over the Danube in the summer of 376, looking for a place to stay. These two bands were part of which barbarian migratory group?

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These two Roman Emperors were killed in battle in the year 251 and 378, respectively:

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Septimius Severus’ campaign in Caledonia took place:

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This Byzantine Emperor ruled from 527-565, and reconquered much of the old western Empire.

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The Byzantine Emperor Zeno, fearing that Odoacer sought to expand his territories far beyond Italy, convinced this Roman-Ostrogothic ruler to ouster Odoacer from the Italian peninsula, which the ruler in question had done by the year 493. Who was the Ostrogoth?

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The Byzantines and Sasanians fought a long and mutually destructive war, which was part of the reason Muslim armies were able to take over Sasanian territories. When did this war take place?

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The emphasis of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, an academic movement that began in the 19th century, was:

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This Frankish ruler, who died in 511, was the founder of the Merovingian Dynasty.

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This Roman-Visigothic general led two invasions of the Italian Peninsula in the first decade of the 400s, sacking Rome successfully in 410.

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The last Roman Emperor to rule over both the eastern and western halves of the empire was Theodosius I. He died in:

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This Emperor came to the throne in 284 CE. His unique reforms and reign are a traditional beginning point for Late Antiquity, and also the transition between Rome’s principate and its dominate.

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