Episode 95 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 95: Rutilius Namatianus. See what you remember about this Late Antique poet, and the historical period during which he lived, by clicking “START” below!

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Which of the following regions of the western empire did NOT suffer from major coups, or major territorial invasions during the tumultuous decade between 400 and 410?

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The most immediate reason for Stilicho’s execution in 408 was likely:

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The last Roman emperor to rule both halves of the empire died in 395 CE. His name was:

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Rutilius’ attitude toward Christianity is clearly not entirely positive, but he reserves his harshest criticisms for:

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Toward the end of this episode we looked at a short poem by Rutilius’ contemporary Claudius Claudianus. The subject of this poem was:

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This statue, a flashpoint of controversy in the city of Rome between Christians and pagans at various points in the later fourth century, was removed for good from the Senate House in 394.

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This general and imperial steward played a central role in Roman history in the first decade of the 400s, steering the western empire through several crises while the young Emperor Honorious came of age.

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Rutilius’ attitude toward the general Stilicho is:

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Rutilius served as the praefectus urbi of which city during the year 414?

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This Gothic king came down into Italy from the Julian Alps in 405 with an army, surprising Romans living in Italy, as Alaric and his forces had been defeated not long before.

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In Pisa, Rutilius was heartened by the site of a statue honoring:

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How does Rutilius imagine Rome at the outset of De Reditu Suo?

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In 394, a battle was fought between the Emperor Theodosius and the upstart Emperor Eugenius. Eugenius lost, partly due to the fact that Theodosius sent 10,000 Gothic soldiers out against him as cannon fodder to weaken his troops. What was the name of this battle?

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The first Visigothic invasion of the Italian peninsula (not the Roman empire, but the Italian peninsula) took place in:

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In the winter of 406-407, a commingled population of Alans, Vandals, and Suebi crossed over the Rhine, signaling the end of which region of the western empire?

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