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A podcast about literary history, from ancient times to the present, beginning in 3,100 BCE.

A literature podcast for everyone.

Thanks for visiting Literature and History, a literature podcast covering Anglophone literature and its roots, from ancient times to the present! Each episode covers an influential work of world literature, featuring summaries of the texts, historical analyses of the cultures that produced them, and some original music to keep you engaged. Take Literature and History with you on your drive, jog, or whatever it is you do when listening to podcasts. We hope you’ll smile, learn a bit, and share our appreciation of how unbelievably awesome literature is. Click “All Episodes” above to browse and download shows on your computer, or subscribe using the links here. Learn more about the show on this page. The videos below are cartoons from some of the podcast’s comedy songs.

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A literature podcast can make even challenging texts accessible and fun. Especially for newcomers, texts like Homer’s Odyssey, and the Bible, and Ovid’s Metamorphoses can be dense. The advantage of Literature and History is the program’s structure. Each show starts with a clear, organized introduction to a text. These introductions are followed by by full, soundtracked summaries. Following the summaries are historical, cultural, and biographical analyses of each work considered. The approach works well for narrative works like plays or novels. Where our literature podcast truly shines, though, is when dealing with more complex subjects, like collections of poetry, and sacred scriptures; with philosophical oeuvres, and multipart texts. Distilling these complicated subjects into narratives is what we do best. Each episode is a story, studded with quotes from primary sources and academic citations, but also with humor, clarity, and a contagious love of literature.
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