Episode 4 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 004: Divine Judgment. See what you remember about Ancient Egyptian history and the Book of the Dead by clicking “START” below!

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Which of the following best describes the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead?

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Based on what we read in the Book of the Dead, Ancient Egyptians believed that those who acted cruelly and uncharitably would be judged unfairly in the ceremony called The Weighing of the Heart. What would happen to these cursed souls?

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Which two words below best describe the central Ancient Egyptian concept of ma’at?

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During Egypt’s Old Kingdom (c. 2650-2100), what was the state’s official doctrine on the afterlife?

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There are sections of the Book of the Dead that Egyptologists call “rubrics.” What do these rubrics do?

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A central doctrine of Christianity is that we have a material and spiritual existence. Comparatively, what did Ancient Egyptians believe?

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With the collapse of the Old Kingdom, what new religious idea surfaced in Ancient Egypt between about 2100-1800, during the First Intermediate Period?

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The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the largest structure in at Giza and the tallest man made structure on earth for thousands of years, was erected in which century?

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Ancient Egypt’s name for the Book of the Dead was:

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Which Ancient Egyptian god, the deity of resurrection, transition, and the afterlife, began to come into prominence at a broad level between about 2100 and 1800 BCE?

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