Episode 28 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 28: A Mother’s Curse. See what you remember about the middle part of Aeschylus’ Oresteian trilogy by clicking “START” below!

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Agamemnon’s surviving daughter in the Libation Bearers is called:

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Athena, Artemis, and Hestia have what feature in common?

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Clytemnestra has a dark dream about:

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In terms of gestation, Aeschylus’ Oresteian trilogy promulgates this evidently widespread ancient Athenian belief:

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These creatures, Ancient Greek avatars of vengeance, appear at the end of The Libation Bearers.

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At the climax of the Libation Bearers, this character says, “Watch out – the hounds of a mother’s curse will hunt you down.”

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Why did Ancient Athenians widely practice female infanticide?

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Orestes’ reticent friend who accompanies him back to Argos (who also stars in Euripides’ Iphigenia at Tauris) is called:

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Orestes’ sister, walking around the tomb of the patriarchs of Atreus, realizes that her brother has returned to Argos when she sees:

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Orestes kills his mother and her lover. This lover’s name is:

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