Episode 29 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 29: The Mound and the Furies. See what you remember about Aeschylus’ Eumenides and the history behind it by clicking “START” below!

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Athena placates the Furies at the end of The Eumenides by:

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The ending of the Eumenides may have been inspired by the actions of the Athenian statesman ________, who set up a citizen tribunal court called the ________ in the late 460s BCE, just before the Oresteian trilogy premiered.

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The Pythia is:

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Orestes’ trial takes place:

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The Eumenides begins at:

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In a pivotal moment toward the end of The Eumenides, this character says, “Lull asleep that salt black wave of anger – / awesome, proud with reverence, [and] live with me.”

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When Apollo says that “The man is the source of life – the one who mounts,” Apollo is trying to:

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The verdict that Athena pronounces at the end of The Eumenides essentially tosses this unfortunate character under the bus.

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The end of The Eumenides, and thus the end of the 458 BCE Oresteian trilogy, displays _________ attitude about the course of Athenian society.

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This deity oversees the trial of Orestes and decides its final verdict.

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