Episode 38 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 38: The Epic Anti-Hero. See what you remember about the first two books of Apollonius’ Jason and the Argonauts clicking “START” below!

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The Argonauts are able to get through the Cobalt Clashing Rocks with a bit of aid from:

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The queen of Lemnos, an island made up exclusively of women, who showed clemency by sparing her father Thoas and later sleeps with Jason.

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What other important text was being produced in Alexandria around the same time Apollonius was writing Jason and the Argonauts?

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Near the beginning of the Argonautica, Jason meets the goddess Hera while she is disguised, and wins her favor. How does he do this?

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The Argonauts save the wise old seer Phineas from:

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Hylas disappears when:

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From about 323 – 31 BCE, Egypt was ruled by a Greek dynasty installed by Alexander of Macedon. This dynasty was called:

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Heracles leaves the Argonauts’ exposition because:

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The half-brother of Jason’s father Aeson, who has seized the throne of Iolcus at the beginning of the Argonautica.

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For a time, the writer Apollonius served what function in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria?

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