Episode 40 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 40: Hellenism and the Birth of the Self. See what you can recall about the Hellenistic period and its religious evolutions by clicking “START” below!

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While still in Colchis, after giving Jason ointment and advice, Medea sends Jason off to summon the goddess of magic, ghosts, crossroads and necromancy. Medea is the priestess of this goddess. What is this goddess’ name?

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The sons of Phrixus join the Argonauts for many of their adventures. Who was Phrixus?

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Jason and the Argonauts was written in the ______ BCE, in the city of _______.

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At the beginning of Book 3 of the Argonautica, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all scheme to:

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After discovering that their countrywoman Medea has married Jason and has consummated her marriage with him, the Colchians:

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After the Argonauts get the Golden Fleece and escape from Colchis, they incur the wrath of Zeus, who spins them off course. Why does Zeus become angry with them?

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Before Phrixus passed away, what was Medea’s relationship with Phrixus, the hero who found the Golden Ram and brought it to Colchis?

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King Aeëtes first challenges Jason to:

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During the wars of Alexander’s successors, the structure of the polis, or local city state culture, became increasingly surrogate to massive interstate empires. This caused an increasing turn away from local civic institutions and toward family relationships. As we discussed in the episode, what aspect of Jason and the Argonauts seems to bear traces of this cultural move from polis to private household?

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The Argonauts are almost hindered by a metal giant on the southern shore of Crete. However, they are able to get by when:

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