Episode 72 Quiz

Welcome to the quiz for Episode 72: Bread and Circuses. See what you remember about Juvenal and his Satires by clicking “START” below!

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Virro, in Juvenal’s Satires, is:

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Juvenal tells the story of the Emperor Domitian and

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The tone of Juvenal’s Satires, when read from beginning to end in their conventional order, gradually grows:

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Juvenal’s story about the male prostitute with the huge penis is mainly told in order to illustrate:

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Juvenal wrote that this was a silly waste of time and energy:

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The ASICS company takes its name from a Latin phrase in Juvenal, which means:

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Juvenal’s attitude toward homosexuality was:

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Juvenal had a(n) ______________ attitude toward Rome’s ancient republican past.

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Early in the Satires, Juvenal tells the story of his friend leaving Rome, largely because this friend doesn’t want to:

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A general set of ideas from this ancient philosophical tradition fill Juvenal’s later Satires.

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Juvenal wrote Difficile est saturam non scribere, which means:

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Juvenal’s attitude toward Greek culture is best described as:

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Juvenal seems to have felt optimistic that this Roman emperor, upon his coronation, might help restore some funding and reputability to the arts:

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The following dates, give or take a decade on either end, are the generally accepted timeframe for the Juvenal’s lifespan:

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Juvenal, though we know almost nothing about him, is thought to have been of which social class?

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