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Welcome to the quiz for Episode 97: Blood and Ivy. See what you remember about the second half of Nonnus’ Dionysiaca by clicking “START” below!

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The closing books of the Dionysiaca retell the events of which play by Euripides?

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In the Dionysiaca, Dionysus meets and interacts with two virginal woodland nymphs – Nicea and Aura – in two different parts of the epic. What ultimately happens as a result of these two interactions?

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Which of the following features of Homer’s Iliad is NOT adapted for use in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca?

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The mother of Dionysus Zagreus was:

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The Dionysiaca was most likely written during which century?

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Many nineteenth-century classical scholars were very opinionated about pagan literature following the Augustan Age. Their attitude toward literature after about 20 CE, as we learned in this episode, was generally:

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The Indian King Deriades has a son-in-law. This character figures prominently into the second half of the Dionysiaca for a few books, pursuing a Dionysian maiden named Chalcomede. His name is:

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Overall, based on evidence from his two surviving works, Nonnus seems to have had a(n) _________ attitude toward Christianity:

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In addition to the Dionysiaca, Nonnus also wrote a close paraphrase of one of the books of the New Testament. Which book did he paraphrase?

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The Telestrion at the ancient pilgrimage site of Eleusis was destroyed by Goths around which year?

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The Dionysian maiden Chalcomede fends off an assailant, with some divine aid, in a memorable way. What happens when she is assaulted by a prominent Indian captain?

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In the episode, we took a closer look at how Nonnus retells the story of one of the most famous miracles Jesus perfomrs in the Gospels. This miracle is:

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Toward the very end of the Dionysiaca, Nonnus spends some time weaving stories related to prominent cities of the fifth century Byzantine Empire. These cities were located in which modern day country?

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In a scene lifted from Homer’s Iliad, Hera does what to distract her husband Zeus from a war?

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Book 38 of the Dionysiaca retells a prominent story from Ovid’s Metamorphoses – a popular story from Greek mythology more generally. This is the story of:

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