1. The Box in the Earth
  2. The Box in the Sea
  3. The Young Hero Grows Up
  4. A Scene at the Town Market
  5. The Trial Under King Polydectes
  6. The Road to Dodona
  7. The Hero Meets His Partisan
  8. The Journey to Cimmeria
  9. The Treasures of Hyperborea
  10. The Hero Faces Medusa
  11. Arrival in Ethiopia
  12. The Princess and the Kraken
  13. The Showdown at the Palace


  1. The Hero as a Young Boy
  2. Theseus Learns of His Past
  3. The Hero’s First Quest
  4. Theseus Meets His Father
  5. The Plot of Medea
  6. The Hero Learns of Crete
  7. The Journey to the Labyrinth
  8. Into the Labyrinth
  9. The Abomination in the Maze
  10. Out of the Labyrinth
  11. Back to Athens
  12. The Reign of the Young King
  13. The Abduction of Hippolyta
  14. Phaedra and Hippolytus
  15. A Crisis in the Palace
  16. The Farewell at the Seashore

Daedalus and Icarus

  1. The Early Days of the Engineer
  2. The Fall of Talos
  3. A Diplomatic Blunder
  4. The King of Crete
  5. Daedalus is Summoned
  6. The Hero in Crete
  7. Naucrate and Daedalus
  8. A Midnight Summons
  9. Minos Lays Out His Terms
  10. The Hero Meets His Son
  11. The Labyrinth’s Inception
  12. The Secret Room
  13. Daedalus Conspires with Ariadne
  14. The Escape from Crete
  15. On to Sicily
  16. The Puzzle
  17. Light Them Up


  1. The Eleusinian Mysteries
  2. Hyacinths
  3. The Youth of Hades
  4. The Heroine Meets Hades
  5. Demeter and Zeus
  6. Hades at the Heroine’s Door
  7. The Coming of Winter
  8. Persephone Observes Hades Unawares
  9. Demeter’s Revenge
  10. The Crisis at the Gate to Tartarus
  11. The Birth of the Temple at Eleusis

Orpheus and Eurydice

  1. A Contest of Songs
  2. Eurydice Meets the Hero
  3. An Unusual Courtship
  4. The Music Changes
  5. The Caldera and the Hive
  6. The Journey Back

Baucis and Philemon

  1. The Lands of Phrygia
  2. The Happy Couple
  3. The Old Timers Receive Visitors
  4. The Oak and the Linden

Bellerophon and Pegasus

  1. The Great Race at Corinth
  2. Bellerophon’s Solitude
  3. The Night in the Temple
  4. Clearing the Road
  5. The Horse and the Wolves
  6. The Hero Wanders to Paphlagonia
  7. The Request of Iobantes
  8. The Fight on the Moraine
  9. The Hero Convalesces
  10. The Ascent of Olympus


  1. An Unexpected Betrothal
  2. The Sacrifice at Aulis
  3. Artemis
  4. The Heroine Moves to Tauris
  5. Iphigenia Among the Tauri
  6. An Unexpected Encounter
  7. The Son of Agamemnon
  8. The Heroine Plots Escape
  9. The Open Boat


  1. A Weaver and her Father
  2. A Project of Particular Importance
  3. The Commoners Dress Up
  4. The Heroine amidst Aristocrats
  5. The Transgression
  6. The Competition
  7. Athena Demands Retribution


  1. The Gods in Despair
  2. Zeus Counsels the Pantheon
  3. The Coming of the Monster
  4. The Great Fight
  5. Old Gods and New